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Elite Tennis International's Elite Squad is aimed at players who participate in regular tournaments and who have the ambition to improve their results and rankings. The squad targets both Junior Development Series participants as well as State and National level players. Weekly sessions focus on technical, tactical, mental and physical skills and are enhanced with competition programs, tournament tours, training camps and a fantastic outsourcing of experts in various fields.

ETI is well known on the tournament scene for its tight knit team environment, internal team support for players by the players as well as the firm belief in cultivating an honest and respectful team culture. ETI aims to help players reach their potential as a player by allowing players to train hard in a safe, fun and secure team environment.

ETI Coaching Staff collectively have worked with numerous Top 10 ranked juniors, assisted students through our coaching programs into US College scholarships as well as having coached past students to the Main Draw of the Australian Open.

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Physical Testing

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Different Programs and Camps

Elite Squad

The ETI Elite Squad currently trains 3 times a week. Performance students attend and train at these sessions which run for 2 hrs. The squad comprises of Physical, Tactical, Mental, Technical and Match Play training, designed to improve and develop a students on court performance. Whilst high in intensity and un-comprising in its expectations, the squad environment retains its positive and encouraging atmosphere. Focus is placed on students supporting and pushing each other to reach new levels in their game. The Elite Squad is suitable for players commencing their tournament experience and for more experienced and developed tournament players looking to compete at a State and National Level. *To participate in the Elite Squad players must be including a private lesson with their squad coach in their weekly program.

Development Squad

ETI's Development Squad is a designated pathway for players who are just entering into the tournament circuit and who have aspirations of transitioning into the Elite Squad. This squad allows coaching staff and players to focus on specific skill sets and technical enhancements that other players in the Elite Squad may have already developed (due to their experience via private lessons, elite camps and tournament play). Players are encouraged and supported with their entry onto the tournament circuit all whilst learning the basics of match play, strategy and general on court awareness. Most younger players commence in the Development Squad and then quickly progress into the ETI Elite Squad.

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Individual Programs

An Individual program is the most sought after approach to a student's tennis development. Working closely with the student and their family we construct a program to suit the persons short and long term goals, daily schedules (such as school and family restrictions) and financial requirements. This program may consist of Private and/or Group Lessons, Squad Training, Hitting sessions, Match play and Tournament planning. Each program will be tailor made to suit the student and their family whilst offering the best possible opportunity for the student to excel.

Program Components

Tennis Development

Our court training will develop and integrate the player's technical, tactical, mental and physical skills. We focus on maximising strengths, movement skills and developing all court games. Players train with our team of coaches as well as their assigned 'primary coach' who they will spend most of their on-court time with. Tennis training includes high intensity drilling, modified point play, private lessons, and supervised match play.

Physical Development

All the physical components (coordination, speed, agility, power, balance, strength, flexibility and endurance) are trained in a carefully integrated model designed to complement the player's tennis development. A great deal of emphasis is placed on injury prevention and recovery.

Mental Development

Using both Group and Individual Focus sessions we work with our players to discover and improve areas in a player's development which can be targeted to improve results and decision making processes. ETI can also assist in linking players with qualified professionals in Sports Psychology and Mental Strategies.

Training and Competition Annual Plan

Students will receive a personal training and competition calendar appropriate for their age and standard. This will be developed by the player, the player's primary coach and the Performance Program Director. It will be updated regularly and include training schedules and phases, focus areas for development, tournaments, goals, physical testing and study schedules.

Tournament Travel and Coach Supervision

ETI can comprehensively boast the most dedicated Coach Tournament Travel Support Program on the Sunshine Coast. Our coaches travel to more tournaments each year than any other local coaching provider and have built our team culture and reputation on the effort and support given to our team of tournament players. With a travelling team of over 25 players ETI is well versed in all aspects of travel and tournament requirements.

All transport and accommodation is organized with the focus then being placed on players developing independence, self-confidence and experiencing the day to day requirements of being a professional tennis player on tour. Our Coaches support players with warm-ups, additional tennis training, appropriate physical development activities, recovery, nutrition, match analysis and pre/post match briefings.

Video Analysis

Players receive biomechanical and technical video analysis during a nominated scheduled private lesson with their Coach. This allows the improvement and tracking of a player's technical progress and develops a strong base for the student's future development.


ETI utilize the expertise of l high profile nutritionists (Gary Slater - Senior Lecturer at the School of Health and Sport Sciences at the Sunshine Coast Uni) to educate our students on effective and simple nutrition advice to help with increased energy levels and improved performance. This includes proper food selection, nutrition timing, hydration strategies, and if required customized supplementation plans.